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 A drim shatterin...

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PostSubject: A drim shatterin...   Sat Dec 22, 2007 1:28 am

it all started off wen a friend challenged me to form my forum while he was doin his...
so i jst created dis one lik dat, without any idea, without any hopes on it...
i didnt work on it, did nt put much effort on it
den beti came, i told her abut dis forum
we decided to mak it move, improve it...
my hopes started buildin up...
i had so many ideas about dis community
i wanted it to b successful n known to each 1 of u
a symbol, a part of beti n me.... icy-fire
i wished to b der, on d top wid her by ma side watchin dis progressin so fast
wnted d number of users n posts increase n increase...
wanted icy-fire to b so gr8 dat we cud form our own club
wnted so many members to b in dis
i wnted to do it, to no dat ive done smfing gr8 wid sme1 gr8
i had no oder motive dan this...
afterall wers my gain in here, jst sitin in frnt of d pc n uploadin it wid freaky stuffs??
we nt gona invest in dat, we nt gona hv profits or watever
bt i wnted to do it, i rilly wnted
we used to discus, me n bets, abut hw we'd improve this site, our own creation
i didnt wnt icy-fire to b a warez lik every1 does
i didnt wnt icy-fire to b lik oders, coz it is unik...
a warez wud hv known beter success, far more users posts
bt i didnt wnt this...

i wantd it to b a platform, a place of interaction
wer thoughts, bein gud or bad, r expressed
i wnted it to b lik sme grup in hi5 wer any1 frm any school cn come n discus abut his problms or freaky fings
bt wen i luk at d main page, i find...
13 users....
60 posts....
only 2 active users, me n bets
doz posts r also only mine n hers

i no dat d site isnt atractive or worth a try
bt it nids to b improved, it nids to b
its nt a place wer i post n u dwnload
its a place of sharin ideas
n d 2 of us, me n bets, we cnt share ideas coz weve gt d sam finkin
its u guys who shud go on wid dat
d debates, d posts, d topics, its u guys who shud b doin dat
i mean, yeah i do hve hopes on dis forum
i log in here everyday havin in mind several ideas for it
but a glance at d statistics on d main page makes my heart sink...
y shud i modify n improve icy-fire if no1 is usin it???

we r lackin ideas, so plz, provide us wid ur thoughts
ur sugestions r welcomed n crutially nided
icy-fire is sinkin...
im gona cancel it soon if it stays such
coz beter to eliminate d drim than to live it in a hopeless way...
dunno if any1 gona read dis
sm users do get online, i no dat
but active users and forum visitors, ders loads of contrast between dem
anisha, jyotsna, n sm mre
i see u guys online often, bt i c no posts frm u...

icy-fire's sinkin...
it's in ur hands nw...

icy-fire admin
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A drim shatterin...
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