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 Official Icy-fire rules

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PostSubject: Official Icy-fire rules   Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:58 pm

Basically Icy-fire is a fun forum. But yet, due to abuse from some people, rules have to be applied.
All users are expected to abide by and follow the rules.
Any action from any user that is against the rules is considered as an offence. Offences may lead to serious consequences, even banning of the concerned user. Normally, warnings will be issued to users before temporary or permanent banning or restriction to some sections.

Below is the set of rules that need to be followed by every user, be it the admin, a mod, a registered user or a guest:
>No use of abusive and vulgar language.

>Nudity and porn is strictly prohibited and may lead to immediate banning of user.

>Users are expected to be active. The account of any user inactive for 3 months may be deleted.

>Please search the forum carefully before requesting any type of warez.

> No advertising of other forums

>Your signature should not bear any images or words that can affect other users eg porn or crime scenes

>All links need to be coded, wherever they are placed in the community using the code tags.

>SPAMMING is strictly prohibited.

>No advertising of links through PM.

>All users are equal whatever be their race or ranks. So all users should be respected.

>Do not fight or argue about a closed thread.

>Dead links should be reported and not dumped in the graveyard.

>Coded files should be provided with their passwords.

>Rules are subject to change by the administrators

Thank you for reading and following the rules.
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Official Icy-fire rules
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